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How Can the Boy Scout Motto Help Your South Carolina Job Search?

February 7th, 2013

“Be prepared.”

It’s a nice saying, but how can it help you land the job you want?

Certainly, you want to be prepared for your interview; but, you also need to prepare your references.  When it comes to ensuring positive recommendations from former employers, assembling a list of the right people is only half the battle.  Many candidates fall short by failing to adequately prepare their references to respond favorably when a potential employer calls for a reference check.

A strong recommendation can make or break your chances of landing a job.  So help prepare your references for success.  Use these tips from TRUE Group to ensure glowing recommendations – and get the job you want:

  • Confirm your references.  Start by contacting your references to make sure that they know they’re on your list.  Never provide the name of a reference without getting that person’s permission first.
  • Ask if they’re up to the challenge.  Be sure that each reference is willing to answer questions about you in a timely, positive and honest manner.  Ask him what he would say about you to a recruiter – particularly, your strengths, weaknesses, reliability and status of rehire eligibility (i.e., would he hire you again?).  If a reference seems reluctant to provide feedback, take him off your list.
  • Provide a reference “cheat sheet.”  Email each reference a list of the qualities and abilities you want employers to know about you.  Include your dates of employment, title and primary responsibilities, as well as your biggest accomplishments while you worked for each individual.  Remember, it’s okay to encourage your references to talk up your strengths – their input can make all the difference in whether or not you get your dream job!
  • Alert your references before an employer calls.  When the time comes, give your references a “heads-up” to let them know when they’ll likely get a call.  Remind them how important the opportunity is to you and how much you appreciate their help.
  • Keep in touch regularly.  While you’re on the job hunt, periodically touch base with your references to let them know how your search is progressing.

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