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Are Upstate SC College Graduates Really Ready for the World of Work?

July 3rd, 2013

A recent NY Times article included data showing a surge in the number of Americans graduating from college – sending the percentage of people with a degree to a new high.  A number of factors have contributed to this trend:

  • More people are enrolling in college, partially due to higher unemployment caused by the recession.
  • Graduation rates are on the rise.
  • The new types of jobs created by the digital age have increased the wage gap between degree holders and everyone else – making college more of a necessity than ever.

But is all of that college really preparing people to succeed in today’s workplace?

The answer may surprise you.  Results from a recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) revealed widespread dissatisfaction with the job readiness of 2013 college graduates.  In fact, only fifty-three percent of U.S. employers plan to hire this year’s grads – and it’s not just because the economy is sluggish.  According to the survey:

  • The biggest complaint hiring professionals cited was a lack of graduates’ “professionalism” or “work ethic.”
  • Nearly half of HR professionals polled said that college graduates lack basic grammar and spelling skills.
  • Roughly eighteen percent feel that grads fall short in the areas of math and computation.
  • Employers also fault college graduates’ spoken English and reading comprehension.

How do graduates themselves feel about their preparedness?  Unfortunately, many share the same sentiments as their potential employers.  As many as twenty-five percent of this year’s graduates feel unprepared for the working world, according to an online survey by

A general lack of work readiness, combined with a technical skills mismatch between applicants and available jobs, has made it challenging to fill openings in a number of job categories.  Engineers, computer technicians and programmers, scientists, and skilled trades workers (e.g., carpenters, machinists, mechanics and welders) were described by hirers as “very difficult” to fill in the SHRM survey.

Having trouble filling these types of positions?  TRUE Group can help.  Our recruiters carefully screen candidates to ensure they have the skills and experience you need to perform from day one.  Contact TRUE Group today to learn more about our Greenville SC staffing services.

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