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Getting Ahead: 5 Networking tips that are good for your career growth

September 4th, 2014

New contacts can connect you with new opportunities, influential people and others who can aid in your career growth.

Are you doing everything possible to grow your network?

If you’re not sure, check out these practical tips from TRUE Group. These ideas will help you meet new people who can move your career ahead:

  1. Brainstorm. Make a list of places and situations in which you could potentially make new connections. Think of everything you do and everywhere you go in your daily life: kids’ activities/sporting events, volunteering activities, restaurants, conferences, parties, school/continuing education and even mass transportation. When you find yourself in one of these places, chat up the people around you.
  2. Join a networking group. An obvious choice for career building, professional groups and association events provide limitless opportunities to grow you network. To maximize their value:
    1. Plan ahead. Reach out to three or four attendees you’d like to meet.
    2. Prepare conversation points. Stand out by planning conversation ideas that are unforgettable – and not all about you.
    3. Help others grow their networks. Plan introductions that will benefit the people you are scheduled to meet.
    4. Be patient. Don’t ask for career help immediately – building the relationships you need will take some time.
  3. Accept invitations. Tempted to pass on that acquaintance’s dinner party? You could be missing out on a big opportunity. When you’re thinking of declining an invitation, remember what you stand to gain. Give yourself a pep talk, accept the invite and commit to introducing yourself to at least three new people.
  4. Don’t close yourself off. If you’re in a safe, well-lit and public environment, connect with those around you. Let the person next to you strike up a conversation – or strike one up yourself. Keep an open mind, relax and listen. You never know how a chance encounter with a person may be able to enrich or benefit your professional life.
  5. Use common sense. Obviously, you should exercise good judgment when introducing yourself to new people. Whether it’s in a professional or personal setting, be careful not to divulge sensitive information about your job, employer or life – especially to people whom you don’t know well.

As a leading SC employment agency, TRUE Group works with the state’s best employers. Whether you choose temporary assignments or direct opportunities, we’ll introduce you to the people who can help you grow in your career.

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