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Make ‘Em Smile! 4 ways to keep your employees happy

November 13th, 2014

Happy employees are better employees. They’re more productive, energized and healthy than those who are unhappy.

Bonuses and pay increases are common ways to keep employees content. Recent research suggests, however, that “intangibles” – such as finding value and meaning in the workplace – also play an important part in happiness on the job.

As a manager, you shouldn’t take your employees’ level of contentment for granted this holiday season. Job opportunities are plentiful, and people often reevaluate their career options at the start of a new year.

Protect yourself by creating a sound plan to gauge and support happiness in your organization. Here are a few suggestions from TRUE Group to help:

  • Know your employees’ baseline. Conduct a simple survey to find out if your employees happy in their work. Ask about: what motivates them the most; what frustrates them; what makes them unhappy; what would make them feel more excited to come to work each day? Find out what really matters to your employees, and use their feedback to improve your retention, performance, engagement and motivation strategies.
  • Create a sense of purpose. Does everyone on your team understand how your products or services make the world a better place? Are these points part of your company’s mission statement? Clarify employees’ real-world impact to help them find meaning and increase job satisfaction. Work as a group to create department or team mission statements that express how employees’ contributions make a difference.
  • Foster fulfilling work relationships. Provide opportunities to create more meaningful connections in the workplace with a mentoring program. By pairing new employees with experienced team members, mentorship programs fulfill needs for both parties –  offering the mentor a sense of purpose, and the person mentored a sense of connection and value.
  • Offer the recognition they need. Employees who have been recognized and rewarded for superlative performance are happier and more motivated. But research also shows that expressing gratitude can promote well-being in those who are giving recognition. Find out what kind of acknowledgement and accolades matter most to your employees. Use their ideas to create “recognition moments” that boost happiness for all parties involved.

Another great way to keep your employees content? Provide the support they need to reduce stress and overwork, or just treat a deserving employee to a day off! TRUE Group is here to help – just give our SC staffing agency a call.


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