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When it Comes to Staffing Excellence, LOCAL Matters

November 20th, 2014

Bigger may be better when it comes to things like diamonds, bank accounts or ice cream cones – but not when it comes to staffing excellence!

A national agency may boast about its “bigger candidate network” or “national reach,” but don’t be fooled. A local SC staffing agency like TRUE Group offers distinct advantages which really benefit your business:

  • The best candidates. Technology makes it easy for any recruiter to post on local job boards; but that isn’t enough to consistently deliver the area’s top talent. TRUE Group leverages our local candidate networks to find the right people (including passive candidates) for your opportunities. Our local connections help us deliver the best candidates, every time.
  • Knowledge of our local economy and market. Who do you think is qualified to do a better job meeting your staffing and HR needs: a national agency based in California, or a local firm that’s served South Carolina since 1991? The fact is, it can be challenging to explain our local economy and employment market to a recruiter who isn’t from this area. TRUE Group understands our local economic, employment and business issues, because we’ve lived and worked here for decades. This local expertise puts us one step ahead of your needs.
  • Seamless service. The larger a staffing firm is, the more layers of corporate bureaucracy it will have. And the more layers its processes have, the more complicated they become. When you work with TRUE Group, decisions are made right here – which means that we answer your questions and resolve your issues quickly, without unnecessary “red tape.” We provide the systems, solutions and employees to make you more productive and profitable.
  • Commitment to our local communities. Profit may be king to some agencies, but TRUE Group’s goal is to create better businesses and better lives. We’ve built our company by connecting the area’s best talent with top employers throughout the Southeast – and helping both achieve their goals.

When it Comes to Staffing Excellence, LOCAL Matters

The bottom line? Nobody serves SC businesses like we do. For personalized service, unmatched local recruiting expertise and access to the area’s best talent, trust the local SC staffing agency that really understand your business – TRUE Group.

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