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5 Ways to Make Your Meetings More Productive

May 5th, 2017

As the saying goes: “Time is of the essence.”

Except, of course, when you’re stuck in the middle of a long meeting.

There’s a lot of talking, but not much is getting accomplished. Is this simply a fact of work life? At TRUE Group, one of Columbia, SC’s leading staffing agencies, we don’t think so. In fact, here are five ways you can make meetings more productive ­­– and cut down on lost time.

  1. Set the agenda in advance. The best meetings have a clear focus and desired outcome. But you can’t get there if you don’t have an agenda in place. So, a day in advance of the meeting, send out an agenda with goals and topics for what’s to be covered. Not only does it give the meeting direction and structure, but it also helps your people better prepare. It’s a win all the way around.
  2. Invite the right people. Not every team member needs to be involved in every meeting. When they are, it becomes a large, unruly group, making it harder to get anything accomplished. That’s why it’s important to have the right people at each meeting. So, before you send a meeting request, think through your roster first.
  3. Be a clock watcher. No one likes a clock watcher…unless, of course, you’re running a meeting. When that’s the case, make sure you start on time so you can end on time. If you don’t, you’re throwing a wrench in everyone’s schedule. And if your meeting is scheduled for an hour and you finish early, end it there. Don’t feel the need to use up every minute. Your people will thank you.
  4. Keep the meeting on track. It’s so easy to go off on tangents during a meeting. But this wastes time without producing positive results. So, if you discover a topic or issue that’s not on the agenda – and needs further discussion – save it for the next meeting and revisit it then.
  5. Communicate outcomes and action items. Before ending a meeting, make sure everyone is on the same page in terms of the agreed upon outcome and action items. Recap them if you need to. Also, send out an email following the meeting so everyone has their individual tasks and responsibilities for the next meeting in writing.

If you don’t plan, meetings can be a serious waste of time. But by following the tips above, you can make your meetings more productive – and make your employee smile in the process. Read this post for a few more ways to make your employees happy.

If you’re attending too many meetings, pulled in too many directions and stretched thin, it may be time to hire. As a leading staffing agency in Columbia, SC, we can help. At TRUE Group, we have the proven experience and resources, so you can hire better people, faster. Contact us today to learn more.

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