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5 Signs You Should Change Careers

June 9th, 2017

The right career feels like a fit. It’s a natural extension of who you are and your core abilities. If, however, your job is all about the paycheck and you live for the weekend, it’s a sign you need a change.

But how can you tell whether you should simply switch jobs – or careers entirely? Look for these five red flags:

You’re exhausted all the time.

Our bodies tell us things our minds try to ignore. When you’re in a career that’s not right for you, you’re going to feel worn out all the time – despite your best efforts at work. It can even go beyond just feeling chronically tired and begin impacting your physical health in the form of an actual illness. And it’s no wonder considering you spend most of your waking hours at work. Bottom line: When you’re in the wrong career, it takes a toll on your body.

You earn a great paycheck…but hate your job.

Parting from a secure and sizeable paycheck can be painful. But if you’re miserable, it’s time to rethink your priorities. Material things can’t make up for hating your job. The good news is you don’t have to start from ground zero. Many skills and abilities are transferable across industries. If you’re ready for a career change, start building knowledge and connections now that can help you move into a new field.

You’re good at your tasks, even though you don’t like them.

Many people who are unhappy in their careers are good at their jobs…even though they don’t feel the tasks and responsibilities are the right fit. Take, for instance, the free-spirited innovator who is forced to follow strict company protocol at a large corporation. They can do it, but it’s soul crushing. This leads to a sense of apathy. If you function well in your job, but don’t care about it, it’s time for a change.

You’re jealous.

Do you get jealous when a friend talks about starting their own business or working in a certain industry? These could be signs you want to do something similar. Rather than dismissing your jealousy, learn from it. What about your friends’ or family members’ jobs sounds appealing to you? Is it the nature of the work, the flexible schedule, the creative aspect? When you’re honest with yourself, you can pinpoint where you want your career to go.

You know it’s time for a change.

If you’re thinking “There must be something better out there” – or always dreaming of a different career, you need a career change. Don’t let fear and uncertainty hold you back. That doesn’t mean you have to make a move tomorrow. You can start researching possible industries and opportunities that sound more appealing to you. Listen to your heart and start taking steps toward change.

Need some help in the process? Whether you’re ready for a new job – or a totally different career – TRUE Group can help. As experienced recruiters, we’re committed to helping our candidates create better lives by providing access to rewarding industries and meaningful jobs in Greenville, SC. Simply contact us today if you’re ready to learn more.

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