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How to Motivate Burned Out Employees

June 30th, 2017

As the saying goes, “your people are your most important asset.” But they’re also your biggest expense. That’s why they need to be productive and performing optimally at all times.

So, if you’re noticing employees are starting to feel the burn – from tight deadlines and complex projects – what can you do to reignite their drive and keep them motivated?

Start by following these tips:

Know what makes them tick.

As a leading staffing firm in Columbia, SC, True Group knows what motivates one employee is different from the next. If you want your efforts to be effective, find out what drives each employee individually. Some thrive on recognition and praise. Others want tangible rewards in the form of bonuses and perks. And still others are inspired by friendly competition or by mentoring opportunities.

Infuse new life into the daily grind.

Part of burnout can stem from boredom. When employees do the same job, day in and out, they’re bound to grow disengaged. That’s why it’s helpful to switch up tasks and responsibilities where you can. Give one of your top performers a stretch assignment. Ask another key player to become the point person on an important project. This isn’t just about re-assigning tasks, but about re-awakening their drive and passion.

Invest in your employees.

When you invest in your employees – whether through new training programs or covering the cost of continuing education classes – it shows you care and value them. They’ll also gain new skills and insight they can bring to work each day. In addition, your efforts will also boost their loyalty to your company and motivate them to work harder for you.

Get to the root of the problem.

If there’s an employee who’s normally a strong performer, but seems to be struggling, try to determine the cause. Schedule some one-on-one time with them and ask about what’s going on. They could be facing a personal problem at home or dealing with an issue at work. Once you know the cause, you can work together to set up a plan of action for dealing with it.

Encourage stress relief and time off.

If your employees are burned out, allow them to relieve their stress in a healthy way. Encourage walks during lunch, let them to listen to music during the day or tell them to leave early on a Friday afternoon. It’s also important to ensure your team is taking their allotted vacation days, so they can relax and renew their minds.

In the workplace, everyone is susceptible to burnout – even your top employees. If you’re noticing the signs, take action and work to minimize stress and strain. Your employees will be happier, healthier and more productive as a result.

If your team is stretched too thin and you need to hire – fast – call in the experts at True Group. As a leading staffing firm in Columbia, SC, we have the proven processes and extensive experience to help you hire better people…faster. Contact us today to learn more.

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