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6 Ways to Show Your Employees Your Appreciation (and Retain Them!)

August 18th, 2017

While Employee Appreciation Day is in March, you should be working to show your people you appreciate them every day of the year. Sometimes, though – between meetings and work fires – it can be hard to find the time.

But considering that employees are more loyal and productive at companies where they feel valued, doing so is really an investment in your organization’s success and bottom line.

Just imagine going to work each day and feeling unnoticed, unappreciated and like you could be replaced in a minute. It’s not a place you’d stay at very long; likewise, as a manager, it’s not the kind of environment that’s going to lead to success.

Rather, ensuring your team feels valued and appreciated is one of your most important jobs. And the good news is that even if you’re strapped for time and resources, there are some easy ways you can do it.

#1: Complimenting employees.

This doesn’t mean offering empty kudos to your staff. It does mean giving very specific and timely compliments to your employees when they deserve it. For instance, instead of “good job on project X,” say something like “Great job stepping in at the last minute to meet the deadline. If it wasn’t for your willingness to help, I’m not sure if we’d been able to get it done. I really appreciate it.”

#2: Thanking employees.

Too many employers have a hard time finding people who are dependable and simply get their jobs done well. When you have strong people in place you can consistently rely on, that’s worth a big thank you. Even if they didn’t accomplish anything out of the ordinary, saying “thank you” for doing their jobs shows you notice their consistency and reliability, and it matters to you.

#3: Listening to employees.

When you ask your employees for feedback, insight and ideas – and really listen to what they say – it goes a long way in forging strong ties with them. Even better, take some time occasionally beyond performance reviews to meet one-on-one with each of your team members to talk about goals and the future. Ask them where they’d like to go in their careers and how you can help them get there.

#4: Rewarding employees.

Whether it’s with a free lunch, donuts, an extra day off or a bonus for a job well done, rewarding employees is an effective way to show them you appreciate their work.

#5: Investing in employees.

The best people want to work for companies that provide them with opportunities to improve and enhance their skills and abilities. Invest in your people through training, continuing education and footing the bill to attend industry events.

#6: Promoting employees.

Promoting from within can benefit both you and your employees. Hiring internally sends the message to your staff that you place a high premium on loyalty and performance. Likewise, it’s a strong motivator for your employees to work hard and be productive to get promoted.

Need help finding and retaining talented people for your team?

Call Columbia, SC’s trusted recruiters at True Group. Whether you’re looking to tackle a new project and need temporary help, or simply don’t have the time to find and hire good full-time people, we can provide the experience and resources to get the job done quickly and cost-effectively. Contact us today to learn more.

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