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First Impressions Are Important: Make Your New Employee Onboarding Exciting

September 8th, 2017

Your onboarding process can be the difference in how quickly your new hires get engaged and up and running, or burn out and fade away. That said, when employers and employees alike think of onboarding, words like “boring” and “tedious” come to mind. How can you infuse some life into your approach to getting new hires trained and productive?

Start with these tips:

Create an online portal.

When an employee starts with you, there’s a lot of paperwork to get through and policies to read. Rather than sucking up their first days on the job with these cumbersome tasks, let new hires handle them online on their own time. Create an online portal where they can access all the information they need and complete the required forms. Just make sure to give them a time limit in which to get through everything.

Welcome your new hire. 

Make sure you’re available to greet your new employee on their first day, show them to their office and walk them around to make introductions. Spending this time upfront will go a long way in making them feel engaged and welcomed.

Also, make sure their computer and phone are up and running so they don’t spend their first day on the job sitting around, waiting for help from IT. Consider giving them a welcome basket or some other kind of gift to show them how excited you are to have them on board. 

Keep it social.

In addition to introducing your new employee around, schedule a lunch with their new team. You want to send the message they’re not just doing a job, they are part of the company family now. It also highlights the value your organization puts on developing a personal relationship with them.

Assign a buddy.

Connect new hires with veteran employees they can turn to for questions and guidance on the inner workings of the company. Just make sure the existing staff member you pair them with is patient and willing to take on this role.

Don’t forgo structured training.

In addition to the tips above, make sure you formally train every new hire. The approach you take is up to you – whether it’s one long training day, or training over the course of a week. Your new hires need to know what’s expected of them, where they fit into the big picture and individual goals for the short and long term. And the better you train them from the beginning, the less of a learning curve there will be once they’re on the job. 

Need more help hiring and onboarding employees for your company? Turn to Columbia, SC’s trusted HR consulting company: True Group. Not only can we help you source, screen and recruit talented new hires, we can design an orientation and onboarding process that’s customized to your unique company. Contact us today to learn more.


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