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How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job

October 6th, 2017

Looking for a new job? Then you need to be on LinkedIn. But beyond creating a profile, what should you do to find a new job or advance your career? Here are some tips from our Greenville, SC recruiters to help you:

Use the job board.

The fastest and easiest way to find opportunities that are a good fit for you is to use the LinkedIn job board. You can search for jobs by title, keyword or company. You can also specify a location for your search. In addition, you can create your own profile so you’re notified when jobs meeting your criteria are posted. You can even download the LinkedIn app for real-time job alerts.

Check out your news feed.

Your news feed is where your LinkedIn connections post articles and status updates to share. Many times, recruiters and hiring managers will use this forum to promote their job openings.

Reach out to connections.

If you have friends, former colleagues or other connections who can help you in your search, reach out to them. Let them know you’re on the job market and the types of jobs you’re most interested in. If any of them work at companies where you want to get your foot in the door, don’t be afraid to ask for a referral.

Join Groups.

There are literally thousands of LinkedIn Groups you can join, from niche industry to alumni groups. To find Groups that would be a good fit for you, click the Work grid icon in the upper right. Select Groups and start your search. Many times, you can connect and network with other job seekers and find job opportunities you might not otherwise hear about.

Check out Company pages.

If there are companies you’re interested in working for, find their company’s page. Read through it and look for job postings they’re promoting.

But before applying to any jobs, do your homework. See if you know who posted the job and whether you share any connections with them. Or check your connections for anyone who works at the company. That way, you can get a referral – which can increase your chances of getting an interview.

Connect with your recruiter.

If you’re working with a recruiter in your job search, be sure to connect with them on LinkedIn. Also, follow your staffing firm’s page so you’re alerted anytime new jobs are posted.

Need more help with your job search? Read this post for more tips and advice. Also, if you’d like professional assistance, connect with one of our Greenville recruiters at True Group.

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