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Can’t Find Qualified Candidates in South Carolina? These Reasons Might Be Why

October 13th, 2017

Sales are increasing and you need to hire. But when you post an opening, you get flooded with resumes from unqualified job candidates. Or you find good candidates, only to have them drop out during the hiring process or reject your offer.

What can you do?

As one of South Carolina’s trusted staffing firms, True Group knows it’s easy to blame the talent marketplace for not being able to find good candidates. But in reality, the culprit could be one of these areas:

Your job posting.  

If your job description is vague, long-winded or all about you, then it’s not going to attract in-demand professionals. Too many times, employers include a laundry list of must-have skills and requirements – without giving candidates an inkling as to what it’s like to work at their company. And if a top-pick candidate has a variety of opportunities to consider, why should they choose yours?

What to do: Make sure your job postings are clear and concise. They should also offer a balance between your needs and why a candidate should want to work for you.

Your application and interview process. 

If you have a long-winded application process, or five rounds of interviews, then it’s no wonder candidates aren’t sticking around for an offer. You need to make the process easy and seamless if you want good candidates to stay engaged.

What to do: Walk through your online application system, and make sure it’s succinct and functions properly. In addition, review your interview process and streamline any steps that are causing barriers to good hiring results.

Your employer reputation. 

In today’s online world, reputation matters. And if you have a lot of disgruntled employees posting on social media about their treatment in the workplace, then it’s going to impact your ability to recruit.

What to do: If you have serious problems with your workplace culture, then it’s important to face the issues head on and try dealing with them, one by one. Get your employees involved in the process by asking for their opinions and recommendations on how to improve. 

Your mobile un-friendly website.

According to some reports, three in five job seekers use their phones and tablets to search for openings and apply to them. That means if your website and careers page aren’t mobile friendly, you’re missing out on potential hires.

What to do: Revamp your website so it’s responsive, meaning it adapts to a wide variety of screen sizes, whether a desktop computer or mobile phone.

Still not finding the quality candidates you need? 

If, despite your best efforts, you’re not able to recruit the right candidates, turn to the experts at TRUE Group. As one of South Carolina’s top staffing firms, we pride ourselves on our ability to source and screen top talent on behalf of our clients. Contact us today to get started.

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