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5 Tips for Hiring Entry-Level Job Candidates

November 24th, 2017

As an experienced staffing agency serving companies across Columbia, SC, True Group knows that hiring entry-level employees is a challenge. After all, how can you evaluate a candidate who has little or no experience? It’s certainly a tough process, but it can be done with the right approach. Here are five tips to fill your junior roster with top entry-level talent:

Evaluate work history and achievements outside the field.

When you’re hiring for entry-level jobs, candidates aren’t going to have a ton of experience in the field. But when a candidate has been working at the same pizza place since high school, or has a proven track record of achievements in college, such as being president of the student government association, they’re certainly worth a second look. Both send the message you have a candidate on your hands that’s motivated and wants to succeed.

Ask the right interview questions. 

When interviewing an experienced candidate, you’ll ask about work history and experience. But when you’re interviewing those new to the workforce, you must shift your interview questions.

Instead, ask about areas that are key to success on the job, such as communication, organization, time management, problem solving, and team work and collaboration. For instance, to assess time management skills, ask the candidate how they organized their day while in college. Just because a candidate doesn’t have a long professional resume, doesn’t mean they can’t speak to these areas.

Give them a realistic preview of the job.

When the job is entry level and requires a lot of menial tasks, don’t paint a picture that’s all rosy. You’ll set up false expectations when you do, which will lead to high turnover in these types of roles. Instead, be realistic about the perks and opportunities, as well as the challenges an employee will face. You’ll hire better fit candidates as a result.

Set up a test run.

Once you have a couple of candidates you’re interested in hiring, give them a homework assignment. This will not only help you to assess their skill level and work quality, but also their ability to follow directions and meet deadlines. These are all vital skills for on-the-job success, but can sometimes be hard to evaluate in entry-level candidates.

Train and onboard them thoroughly.

Every new hire needs good training and onboarding, and this is especially true when it comes to entry-level employees. Make sure you welcome them, introduce them around, explain what to expect, assign them a buddy and provide clear-cut goals and expectations for their first months and year on the job. Make yourself available to them to answer questions and respond to concerns.

If you’d like to learn more about attracting top talent to your team, read this post. And if you’d like additional help hiring for entry-level – or any level – positions at your company, call in the experts at True Group. We’re Columbia, SC’s trusted staffing agency because we take the time to ask the right questions, conduct thorough assessments and custom tailor our services to everyone we serve. Contact us today to learn more or get started.

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