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How to Find a Great Job in South Carolina in 2018

January 5th, 2018

Unemployed? Looking for a new job? Looking for your first job?

Whatever situation you’re currently facing, there are a few key steps you need to take to find a great job in South Carolina in 2018. To help you in your search, consider these tips:

Polish your resume. 

As trusted Columbia recruiters, True Group can tell whether your resume is your ticket into the interview and hiring process for any position. You need to ensure yours is up to date and does an effective job of promoting your qualifications and accomplishments.

So, now’s the time to pull it out, dust it off and get to work writing and rewriting. When you do, remember to focus more on your track record and accomplishments and less on your duties and responsibilities. For more help with your resume, read these tips.

Update your LinkedIn profile.

Once your resume is in great shape, your next step is to update your LinkedIn profile so your profile and resume complement each other. It’s going to look strange if an employer gets your resume and looks you up on LinkedIn, only to find a profile that hasn’t been touched in five years.

Turn to your network.

Rather than jumping on the job boards to start with your job search, instead begin with your network. These are your friends, family, past colleagues, college classmates and anyone else who can assist you in your job search. Many times, positions are hidden; meaning they’re not advertised to the public. But when you tap into the power of your network, you can often find out about great jobs in South Carolina.

Put yourself out there.

In addition to turning to your network, it’s also important to physically network. In other words, put yourself out there at industry events, business conferences, alumni parties, and more. Always have a business card on hand that you can give out to new connections you make. You never know where you’ll find out about your next great job opportunity or how a new connection can help you in your career.

Use the job boards.

Look to job boards to find out about potential jobs in South Carolina. But don’t only focus on the major ones. Also, use niche ones in your industry, which is where jobs that are more relevant and could be a better fit for you are often posted.

Work with a Columbia job recruiter.

If you’d like professional help with your job search, then work with a Columbia recruiter. These are experts who are often the first to hear about job openings at leading, local companies. Not only that, but they can help with every aspect of your job search, from crafting a compelling resume to scheduling and preparing for interviews and negotiating the offer.

Ready for help from South Carolina’s trusted choice for job recruiters?

Call TRUE Group. We work with leading employers in and around Columbia, South Carolina – and can connect you with top job opportunities in a variety of fields. Contact us today to get started with your professional job search.

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