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First Time Working With a Staffing Firm? 6 Critical Things You Should Do

February 16th, 2018

You need access to highly qualified talent. Sometimes, the fastest way to get it is with the help of a professional. But if you’ve never worked with a Columbia, SC staffing firm before, it’s tough to know how to approach the relationship to get the most from it. To help you in the process, here are six critical things you need to do:

1. Get to know your recruiter.

When you work with a staffing firm, they do so much more than fill empty seats. Instead, your firm and recruiter can become partners in your business success. But to get there, they need to get to know you, your hiring needs and your company. That’s why it’s important to connect with them regularly – even inviting your recruiter into your office so they can see your workplace first-hand. It’s also important to educate them about your culture and keep them informed on potential layoffs and future initiatives.

2. Be clear when communicating.

Poor communication can be the downfall of any relationship. That certainly holds TRUE for the relationship you have with your staffing firm. It’s important you make every effort to be clear about your needs. For instance, when hiring, effectively communicate your requirements for the position, as well as your timetable for getting someone on board.

3. Ask questions.

When it comes to working with a Columbia, SC staffing firm, it’s ok to ask a lot of questions. Your recruiter should be your go-to source for expertise on hiring strategies, onboarding and training, and other staffing-related issues. They can also advise you on the types of staffing services that will work best in your company, whether it’s temporary, part time, full time, temporary-to-hire or some blend of these.

4. Bring up challenges you’re facing.

Your staffing firm can do more than meet your short-term staffing and hiring needs. They can look at the big picture of your company and industry – and help to ensure you’re optimally staffed today and in the future. Make sure you have in-depth discussions about hiring needs and challenges soon, as well as those you expect to face down the line.

 5. Offer feedback.

Commit to giving the staffing firm you work with plenty of feedback. When they meet your needs effectively, let them know. If, however, they miss the mark, it’s important to communicate that as soon as possible. When you offer plenty of feedback – both positive and constructive – you’ll not only forge a stronger relationship, but also get better results from your staffing firm.

 6. Leverage their resources.

You might need help with a certain kind of staffing; however, make sure you understand all your staffing partner can offer you and leverage their resources to your full advantage. For instance, perhaps your staffing firm has a full-time HR expert in-house who can help you deal with human resource-related challenges as they occur. Or maybe they can develop a training program for your company to get new hires up to speed faster. Again, it’s about looking at your staffing firm as a partner in your company’s success, not just as a source for filling open positions.

 Interested in partnering with a reputable local firm for help with staffing?

Connect with the experts at TRUE Group. Whether you’re looking to control costs, accelerate production, tackle a new project, or simply hire better people, our Columbia, SC staffing firm can provide the experience and resources to get the job done quickly and cost-effectively.

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