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Want to Retain More Employees? Show Them You Care

March 30th, 2018

As a leading source for staffing services in Columbia, SC, TRUE Group knows that employees want to work for companies that offer more than just good jobs and competitive pay. They want leaders who care about them and their career growth.

Sometimes – to earn respect – managers will come off as cool and aloof. If you’re one of them, now’s the time to change. Making personal connections with your staff can go a long way toward improving productivity and helping you retain your top talent.

Just a few ideas you can use to show your staff you care include:

Get to know them personally.

This does not mean you need to be best friends with your team members. It does, however, mean you should try to learn about their personal lives and their families, as well as their personalities so you better understand what makes them tick. When you do, you can forge closer ties and manage and motivate them more effectively.

Help them.

If an employee wants to acquire a certain skill or get a promotion, show them what it will take to get there. Take a real interest in their career growth and advancement. Schedule regular meetings where you discuss their goals, as well as how to achieve them. Along the way, offer them encouragement and opportunities that will help them to meet their objectives.

Be real.

As an experienced provider of staffing services in Columbia, SC, we know one of the quickest ways to a disengaged staff is to act like you’re superior to them. Instead, be real and make time for your people. Keep an open door and encourage your employees to come to you with issues and concerns. Don’t ever act like you’re better than them simply because you’re the boss.

Don’t throw employees under the boss.

When something goes wrong, it can be tempting to point the finger of blame, especially in front of higher-ups or clients. But don’t do it, even it was their fault. If you do, then you’re going to cause long-term damage to your relationship. Instead, back them up in front of others and bring up issues and concerns behind closed doors.

Be honest with them.

If an employee asks you for feedback, or you’re noticing a slip in performance, be honest about it. That shows you care more than brushing it under the rug. Simply schedule some one-on-one time to offer feedback and guidance. When you do, don’t be unkind, be clear. Protecting your employees from the truth only ends up hurting them.

There are many more ways to show your employees you care. The bottom line is you should implement the ones that work for you, and then stay committed to following through on them. When you do, your employees will feel more appreciated and valued, and will want to remain at your company longer.

Need help with these and other HR-related issues and challenges?

Check out TRUE Group’s blog for a variety of tips, insight and advice on hiring, staffing and overcoming human resource issues. If you’d like more in-depth help at your company, simply contact us today. As a trusted source for staffing services in Columbia, SC, we can help you with a variety of staffing-related headaches and hassles, all so you get more time and peace of mind in your day.

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