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Category: Career Tips

Ouch! Didn’t Get Called for that Interview? We can explain…

June 6th, 2013

The waiting. For many Upstate SC job seekers, it’s the toughest part of the job hunt. If you’ve ever: applied for a job in person and never heard a single word back from the employer; emailed a resume in response to a job posting without ever receiving any acknowledgement; been called in for an initial… Read more »

Moving Outside Your Comfort Zone Can be Good for Your Career

April 11th, 2013

Has your job handed you lemons?  Make some lemonade! If only it were that easy, right?  In the real world, turning a negative work situation into a positive one is easier said than done – because in most cases, making the transformation forces you outside your comfort zone. And that’s, well, uncomfortable. Still, stretching yourself… Read more »

Clean it Out, Dust it Off, Polish it Up!

March 7th, 2013

Spring cleaning is great for your house – but don’t forget your workplace! Whether you’re working in a position you love, or actively looking for a new job in Upstate South Carolina, cleaning your work space is a great way to re-focus, re-energize and re-organize. So if your office looks like a bear has been… Read more »

Things to Do in Columbia, SC: What Are Your New Year’s Plans for 2013?

December 27th, 2012

New Year’s Eve is just a few days away.  How will you celebrate? Many Upstate SC residents choose to stay at home or spend the evening with friends and family.  But if you’re the type who likes to “paint the town” to ring in the New Year, here a few area events that are sure… Read more »

How to Interview a South Carolina Employment Agency

October 11th, 2012

If you live in upstate South Carolina, selecting the right employment agency is no easy task.  Why?  Staffing and recruiting firms come in all shapes and sizes.  From company to company, the range of services, industries served, employment policies and payroll schedules can vary greatly.  And logically, you’re more likely to find the right opportunity with a firm… Read more »

Interview Approach

July 26th, 2012

Candidate A had the exact skill set the company is looking for.  He nailed every interview question.  He shared specific examples of how his skills and experience can be applied in this position. He left feeling confident. Candidate B had most of the skills needed.  He stumbled on one or two questions but overall did well. … Read more »

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