Service Process

Talent Search

TRUE Group has an extensive network of qualified candidates through various advertising and search methods including:

  • Employee and client referrals
  • Social media
  • Website recruiting
  • Niche marketing through specialized publications
  • School and training center partnerships
  • Community job fairs, industry shows and business expos

The RIGHT Match

Research Review and prescreen online applications prior to interview to determine job history and area of expertise
Interview Meet candidate to determine their qualifications, education, salary preferences and strengths and weaknesses.
Grade and Qualify Gain insight as to work habits and performance through completion of work history verification and integrity testing.
Hire and Onboard






We schedule interviews between the most qualified candidates and the client. When the client chooses a candidate, the TRUE Group staff makes and negotiates the job offer. After acceptance, we provide the applicant with all the specific information needed regarding their new position—salary, dress code, parking, supervisor names, hours, breaks, approximate duration of assignment, description of the work site and the company overview. TRUE Group can even design client- specific orientations at the client’s request.


Throughout the duration of a contractor’s assignment, we perform quality checks and get feedback from supervisors to ensure top performance.


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