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Ouch! Didn’t Get Called for that Interview? We can explain…

June 6th, 2013

The waiting.

For many Upstate SC job seekers, it’s the toughest part of the job hunt.

If you’ve ever:

  • applied for a job in person and never heard a single word back from the employer;
  • emailed a resume in response to a job posting without ever receiving any acknowledgement;
  • been called in for an initial interview, but never heard a peep after that;

…you can be left feeling like you’re in “no man’s land.”  Unfortunately, this feeling is a frustrating and all-too-common part of the job search process.

Why does it happen?  Actually, there are lots of reasons.  Today, we’re pulling back the curtain and revealing the most likely reasons you didn’t hear back from that recruiter:

  1. Your resume was not properly formatted.  You may think that distinctive formatting sets your resume apart, but automated programs don’t care if a document is pretty.  If a company’s scanning/parsing software can’t read your resume, you may instantly knock yourself out of contention.
  2. The company received 200 resumes, and yours was the 199th in.  Sometimes, a job search is a numbers game – and a waiting game.  If you apply for a job weeks after it’s been posted, understand that the sheer volume of responses may bog the process down.
  3. You simply aren’t qualified for the job.  If a job description specifies an administrative assistant with 3-5 years of experience, and you’re a recent graduate, it’s unlikely you’ll be called in for an interview.  Most job descriptions are written with very specific requirements for good reason.  It’s not personal; it’s business.
  4. Someone critical to the hiring process is MIA.  Hiring usually involves several people within an organization.  If a decision maker is out of the office (be it for business travel, vacation, family emergency, or other reasons), the process may be put on hold.
  5. Interviews are taking longer than expected.  If you were one of the first to be interviewed for a job, it may be a long wait for you, as recruiters talk with other candidates.
  6. The recruiter is waiting for a decision from candidate #1 – and you’re candidate #2.  It’s possible that, despite interviewing well for the job, an employer has selected another candidate as his first pick – and is waiting for that individual’s decision before contacting you.
  7. Something within the employer’s company changed unexpectedly.  In business, things can change in an instant.  Budgets get cut.  Internal positions are reorganized.  Major clients are lost.  Factors like these can suddenly derail a company’s candidate search – and leave you hanging.

Don’t want to wind up in a recruiting “no man’s land?”

At TRUE Group, you’ll always know where you stand with us.  We communicate regularly with candidates throughout the recruiting and placement process – and we’ll never leave you hanging.  If you’re looking for the best jobs in Greenville, SC, and beyond, look no further.

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