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Are Your Upstate SC Emloyees “Burning the Midnight Oil?” It’s time for a better workforce strategy

September 19th, 2013

Overtime is a good short-term option when things get busy for your company.

But if your demand regularly exceeds capacity, it may be time to investigate better strategies for getting your work done.


For starters, overtime is expensive. It also wears on your core staff, making them stressed, prone to mistakes and more likely to call-off. Used over prolonged periods, overtime can actually be counter-productive – lowering total productivity and creating real turnover problems within your organization.

So what’s the best way to increase your work capacity?  Sure, you can hire additional staff.  If the uptick in business isn’t permanent, however, you’ll soon find yourself laying people off and dealing with unemployment claims.

When you need extra help, TRUE Group is here to help you create a smart, flexible staffing strategy.  We can quickly provide exceptional temporary workers with the right skills, experience and personality to:

  • Get your work done.  Use temporary workers to eliminate bottlenecks and provide support when business surges.  Our employees can help you meet tight deadlines without requiring your core staff to work overtime.
  • Capitalize on new opportunities.  TRUE Group can provide the extra support you need to test new ideas, launch new products or services, and complete mission-critical projects.  We’ll give you the freedom to focus on accomplishing key business objectives – without overextending your staff.
  • Cover planned absences.  Bring in trained temporaries to pick up the slack.  Our workers can fill in for full-time employees and keep your business running smoothly.  Temporary workers can also handle other types of planned absences, including maternity leave, military obligations and other forms of paid time-off.
  • Improve productivity.  Use temporary workers to control the total number of hours your direct employees work.  By giving your core staff the support they need, you’ll alleviate the stress that overtime causes and keep everyone operating at peak efficiency.

Bottom line?  If your staff is regularly “burning the midnight oil,” it may be time for a smarter workforce strategy. When you need additional productive hours – but don’t want to commit to additional full-time hires – our staffing services can help you control costs, alleviate overwork and improve the productivity of your direct staff.

TRUE Group – South Carolina’s Staffing Economics Experts

Need help assessing the cost of a staffing strategy?  Contact TRUE Group. Our experts will work with you to determine the most productive and cost-effective way to get your work done.

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