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Upstate SC Temporary Staffing: Best Practices for Using TRUE Group Temporaries

October 24th, 2013

Using temporary staffing is clearly a smart business strategy. Contingent workers can help you meet critical deadlines, increase focus, control overhead and lower employment risks.

To maximize the return on your investment, refine your tactics. These tips from TRUE Group will help you get the most from temporary employees – while minimizing co-employment concerns:

  1. Create clear performance expectations.  Determine what you want temporary employees to accomplish and provide those requirements to the staffing firm.  Document tasks to be performed, required skills, and expected standards of performance.
  2. Benchmark your staff.  Ask your staffing provider to test one or two of your staff members using their skills assessment software.  This will help you determine which tests your temporaries should take, as well as minimum acceptable scores.
  3. Never tolerate poor performance.  Track each temporary employee’s job performance.  If an individual fails to meet your standards, ask the staffing firm to replace the employee immediately.
  4. Prepare your staff.  Foster a positive work environment by clearly explaining where and why you are using temporary employees.  Open communication will encourage cooperation and keep your staff from viewing contingent workers as a threat to their own job security.
  5. Provide a job site orientation.  Provide a facilities and resources tour for new temporaries.  Be sure to introduce them to co-workers and onsite supervisors who can answer questions and provide direction.
  6. Leave contingent worker training to the staffing service.  If training is required, ask your staffing partner to handle the training.  You want the employer of record to be responsible for training of its employees.
  7. Do not negotiate the pay rate of your temporary workers.  While it’s fine to negotiate bill rates, all discussions regarding pay, benefits, and raises should be between the staffing service and its employees.
  8. Ask your staffing service to coach temporaries on job performance.  Provide all feedback to the staffing firm’s service coordinator and request that they, in turn, coach the employee.
  9. Train your service coordinator.  Bring the service representative on-site to inspect your work environment and develop a thorough description of job duties and performance expectations.
  10. Do not terminate a temporary employee directly or discuss future job opportunities.  All changes in job status should only be discussed with the staffing firm.  You may refer temporary employees to publicly available job openings.

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As a leading Upstate SC employment agency, TRUE Group wants you to achieve even better results with staffing. Contact us today to learn more about how our temporary staffing services can help you save time, money, and headaches.

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