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Frustrated and Tired of Looking for a Job? Here’s What to Do

September 15th, 2017

Another day, another job rejection. Sound familiar?

Looking for new jobs, whether in Greenville or beyond, is a lot more time-consuming, stressful and frustrating than most candidates realize…until they’re in the middle of their own search. In between the flurry of sending out resumes and making follow-up calls, there are many long stretches of silence. Whether you’re waiting for an email or a phone call, the experience is the same: disheartening.

What can you do when you’re sick and tired of looking for a job – and you want to give up? Here are some tips to help you:

Figure out where the problem lies.

Are you feeling fatigued because you’re not hearing back from hiring managers? Are you not excited about the opportunities available to you? Or, are you tired of working all day and searching all night? To boost your motivation and energy, you need to know first what’s causing the frustration in the first place.

Create a plan.

Now that you know what the issue is, you can create a plan of action, complete with goals. For instance, if you’re not hearing back after applying, it may be because your resume and cover letter need some work. Send it to a trusted friend, family member or colleague and ask for their thoughts on it. Sometimes, it’s hard to have the right perspective on your own work and insight from another source can be especially helpful.

Take a few days off.

If you’re working all day and up all night searching for a new job, it’s no wonder you’re exhausted. To help regain your energy, take a break. A few days off from your job search isn’t going to hurt anyone. Plus, it can give you the time you need to recharge your batteries and gain a better outlook on the situation.

Set your mind.

For many candidates, a job search is an emotional roller coaster. You’re up one day when you spot the perfect job opening and down the next when you don’t hear back from the hiring manager. That’s why a change in attitude can be helpful. Try not to get so emotionally invested in every job you’re applying to. Submit your resume and move on. Don’t think about it all day, or constantly check your email, worrying and wondering. You’re simply ramping up your anxiety when you do this.

Find some inspiration.

When you’re feeling down and out about your job search, finding a source of inspiration can be helpful. So, look for books or articles about people you admire overcoming adversity. Also, talk to your friends and family about their own job search experiences. Chances are, many have faced situations like yours and can offer you some much-needed empathy and understanding.

Job searches certainly have plenty of stumbling blocks. If you’ve hit one and want to give up, follow the tips above to refocus your search and reignite your energy. Also, read this post and this one for more tips on overcoming job search challenges.

And, if you’d like professional help from experienced recruiters, give True Group a call. From creating a cover letter that gets results to connecting you with top jobs in Greenville, we can help with every aspect of your search, start to finish.

Contact us today to learn more.

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