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5 Attention-Grabbing Cover Letter Phrases You Need to Start Using

March 9th, 2018

Launching a job search? In this age of LinkedIn and social media, your cover letter still plays an important part. As one of Columbia, SC’s top employment firms, TRUE Group knows it can help you stand out in a sea of other job candidates and ensure you get noticed by a hiring manager.

That said, if you’re not a professional writer, crafting a strong cover letter can be a challenge. To help in the process, here are five attention-grabbing phrases to use in yours:

“Your job really jumped out at me because…”

Most cover letters start with something like “I am applying for ABC position. I believe I would be a good fit because of XYZ.” Instead, infuse some personality into your cover letter. By stating why the job appeals to you, you’re using language that’s more authentic and will help you to stand out. Plus, you’re letting the hiring manager know what attracted you to the job opening, getting their attention in the process.

“In my last position, I wasn’t just a [fill in your job title here], but a problem solver.”

Companies have problems and challenges. They look to their employees to provide the solutions. So, position yourself as a problem solver; someone who isn’t afraid to deal with the tough issues and come up with workable answers to them.

“My greatest achievement was…”

You might include a bullet point on your resume about a big accomplishment. But make sure you talk in more detail about it in your cover letter. Discuss what you did, why you’re proud of it, and the impact it had on your employer.

“Outside of work, I…”

If you have a hobby or interest that is pertinent to the job, talk about it in your cover letter, not on your resume. For instance, if you’re an avid runner and have run in and won marathon races, talk about how that experience taught you self-discipline and goal setting. Then discuss how you’d be able to bring those abilities to your potential role with the company.

“I’m eager to learn more.” 

Employers want to hire people with more than just the right technical skills; they want those with a positive attitude and plenty of enthusiasm. Using phrasing like this helps to showcase your high energy and excitement about this opportunity.

Need more help in your job search?

Look no further than the experts at TRUE Group. As one of Columbia, SC’s top employment firms, we can help you with every aspect of your search, start to finish. For more tips on finding a new job when your search seems frustratingly slow, read this post. Or, for professional help with your search, contact us today.


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